• Yasmina Iro

July Updates!

Hello my lovelies! July is an exciting month for all my readers, so let's see why!

For my A'sthy Fans;

I have Wonderful news! Illumination, Book 2 in the Legend of A'sthy series, is set for next Spring! I am 70% done with the first draft and I still have a couple rounds of editing to go through before it'll be ready, but I'm very excited! In celebration, a Second edition of Shroud will be released later this year in the Fall, containing a chapter preview of Illuminations!

Looking for Romance instead of Fantasy? Well, I have good news for fans of my upcoming series, Dark Goddess. To Catch a Raven, the first book in the Trilogy is set to come out this Fall as well! I'll be doing a cover reveal later this month, maybe with a chapter preview as well!

I am so excited with all the good news that has been coming my way and I can't wait to share these wonderful stories with you all!

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